Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can't Sleep

Haven't slept well at all since I went home for the holidays. My phone keeps ringing at weird hours with just a grindy noise, but luckily it's not waking me up as I'm already awake! Gonna head to the store tomorrow to see if they can diagnose my phone. Another weird story, I woke up this morning at 4AM and I was sitting in my car with all the windows rolled down. Not a clue why! Never sleptwalk before, must be all that collegiate stress getting to me!
Holidays are going great though, got a nice new book about trees I've been scouring for any info. I haven't heard from any of the seed packet people yet! Have you planted them? Have they started growing? Any idea what they ARE?! Ha!
Amateur Dendrologists, let's figure this out! Will be heading back up to school in a week or two as well, so I'll get to check the progress! Apparently it snowed pretty heavily, I hope the tree took that well!


  1. From what I have heard, the seed packages that were sent out contained no actual seeds. Instead, they contained mysterious, half-burned notes and a QR code that had to be assembled. Was someone tampering with your mail?

  2. Huh? That's terrible! I haven't heard of this, did no one get my seeds? Can you send me more information on this?

  3. Hey Blake,
    From the friends I have talked to it seemed like no one received any seeds, each package contained a couple burnt letters, a piece of a picture and some scratched writing. If you would like pictures of the packages I can email them to you.