Thursday, December 9, 2010

In the Mail!

My seed giveaway packets are in the mail! All you amateur botanists get ready, because a package is headed to your mailbox soon! If you are able to better identify the plant, please let me know! I got an extension on the deadline for my first proposal paper as Dr. Basire didn't show up for his meeting yesterday, and I'm still clueless! A friend of mine said it's starting to look sort of like a black Bristlecone Pine. Other than that deep red coloration. The bark is really smooth too, almost shiny. It's a pretty exciting plant.

I've been going over to David's less, which is why updates have been a bit less frequent. It's really warm at his house, which is nice in this winter weather, but I keep getting this strange deja vu feeling. Like there's a pit in my stomach or something. Probably just exam nerves, those have been stressing me out! I'll keep you all alert of any new developments, and watch your mail!

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